Friday, 22 July 2011

Sylvia Plath ~ Three Women

Plath's Three Women, published by Turret Press in 1968, is a beautiful piece. It was limited to 180 copies and contains an introduction by Douglas Cleverdon and Plath's verse play. The images within the book and on the cover are stunning, either black or gold. Their simplicity and elegance make this a most lovely package.

I would love to hear it on the radio as it was meant to be and often wonder, despite its length, whether I should tackle it as a poem with my students as the three voices work so effectively. However, it is often, and was, performed as a stage play mid this month, for more information, though the performance has past, please follow the link to relevant page on the wonderful sylviaplathinfo page.



  2. I really should watch this film :)

  3. In relation to my work with Plath and the Tarot: there are three women in the Tarot's major arcana: the High Priestess, an aging woman; the Empress, the great mother; and the Star, the young maiden.

    Three Women, of course, perfectly corresponds to the Tarot/Qabalah system as well. Fun, eh?