Thursday, 30 August 2012

Apologies for lack of all things Sylvia Plath...

Apologies for my lack of updates, life got in the way, not bad, just busy. There will be more updates soon on things and puchases regarding Sylvia Plath (and Ted Hughes). In the meantime here is a slightly Plath related post, a 'Poem for a Birthday' so to speak for a dear friend who is an archivist, historian and superb Plathophile indeed. Cheers to you Mr Steinberg at the fabulous

The Archivist
He dwells amongst
Papers, documents,
Letters and manuscripts.
Paper becomes breath.

It is a silent space,
A world of the past
That with gentle care
Remains vitally present.

He is captivated by history,
Propelled by a desire
To preserve and
The need to catalogue

And collate the
Haunting ephemera
Of other lives
That echo and call.

They insistently whisper
Across decades
That there is more to
Their stories if you look.

Authorless  words —
But not dead matter.
This is not a tomb
Where words rest

Silent and still
As spectral voices
Ask him to please
Return to them.

Return again and again.
That by sharing them
And keeping them
From the dust,

By searching amongst
Words and images —
Something more than
What once was endures.

This is the quiet world
Of the archivist
Carefully tending to
These ghostly archives.