Friday, 4 November 2011

All this and art too - The Mayor Gallery exhibit of 'Sylvia Plath's Drawings'

Yes, we Plathophiles know Plath for her way with words, but she had the ability to work visually as well which sometimes gets lost. You can see all of the images for this exhibition at the Mayor Gallery's site:

Oh I wish I could go...

That said, purchasing something that Plath actually created, something immediate, something that was in her hand, that she has touched, was always thought to be beyond me.

Not anymore! All the pieces were for sale - I think all have now sold.

Next year I will be in possession of  'Still Life with Pots and Fruit' from 1957. Oh Joy!

More updates to come, I am slowly getting this blog back on track. There will be more pictures of the art piece once received and in place.