Thursday, 27 October 2011

Happy Birthday Sylvia Plath and Nana Faye

Sylvia Plath would be the same age as my beloved Nana Faye, whose birthday was only 5 days ago.
  • Sylvia Plath has 2 children, my Nana has 3.
  • Sylvia Plath was a poet, author, and mother, my Nana worked in a crayfish factory, and is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.
  • Sylvia Plath sadly died young, my Nana is thankfully still here; alert, tender and feisty.
  • Sylvia Plath conformed to, and fought against, the social expectations on women during her time, my Nana continues to surprise with a very modern outlook on the world and social behaviour.
  • Sylvia Plath went from America, to England, the Continent and back and forth, my Nana has travelled Australia and Asia.
  • Sylvia Plath expressed a literary dark humour, while my Nana has a cheekiness about her and an, often surprising, quick wit.
  • Sylvia Plath experienced emotional upheavals and battled personal demons, however, my Nana is steadfast, stable and utterly optimistic.
  • Sylvia Plath's work influences my teaching and literary tastes, yet my Nana influences my values, my beliefs and my very way of living.
Happy Birthday Sylvia, you live on in your work.
Happy Birthday Nana Faye, you are warm, wonderful and much more influential than you believe you are.

Nana Faye and Alex last Christmas.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Apologies for lack of Plathery

I musy apologise sincerely for my lack of updates - delightfully robust small children, a busy, busy workplace and definite lack of sleep all got in the way. I will get on the case this weekend.