Saturday, 30 April 2011

And then... Sylvia Plath - '66 Bell Jar

It really did just snowball from there, next came the 1966 Bell Jar and then the 1964 Bell Jar. They were my Christmas presents to myself. Oh the thrill of unwrapping the paper and seeing those circles. The other, well it was snowed-in, in London, how fitting so the '64 edition merrily arrived in the New Year.

A Start... Sylvia Plath - '65 Ariel

Here is a start, I have yet to scan the details for my first copy of Ariel, yes there is another first edition, not counting all the other editions.
This is where it all started, with this lovely, battered book.

Welcome to a piece of Plathery

Hopefully I will slowly update this little page of Plathery in order to catalogue my growing Sylvia Plath collection. Unless stated all are first printing, first editions.

Stay tuned.