Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ariel, Ariel and more Ariel

I love the cover design of the first publication of Ariel. It is bold, it is arresting, it is strong. I love the angularity and jaggedness of the lettering and the definite nature of the blocks of colour. I think I am a little obsessed with it. I have two 1965 first editions, first impressions and am considering a third. Then there are the two 1972 editions and a 1967 copy on the way - all as striking as the next. I imagine a piece of artwork made from images of at least 20 copies, from the pristine to the raggedy. Okay, not all images being from copies I own, but hey I am getting there. I will post a photo when the '67 arrives. What is your favourite Plath-related cover design?


  1. Ariel is certainly iconic, Plathery. But, my favorite still remains The Bell Jar, 1963 Heinemann edition. I like it so much for the simple fact that Plath saw it. She never commented on it, as it was published on the down-low, but she did comment some on The Colossus when it was published in 1960.


  2. That Bell Jar certainly is special Peter, I think it will be my next birthday cake adventure. I wonder what she thought of it, whether she ever commented in those 'lost' journals?