Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WOW ~ Sylvia Plath WOW! 1960 Proof of The Colossus

Well, I am almost speechless! I very recently was lucky enough to purchase a rare PROOF copy of the 1960 Colossus. Exciting, exciting, exciting and coming soon. It is currently somewhere in the air winging its way here.

The seller revealed the person they purchased it from literally found it in the bottom of a box at a sale... WOW! Yes, it does occasionally happen.

The name on the front and the bookplate is 'Sadie Balkind'. I have discovered there is a scholarship named after her in New Zealand, where the book is coming from... the search begins.


  1. Wow, indeed! That's a super scarce book, Plathery! I know the Woodberry Poetry Room has one (I used to look at it every day when I worked there); and there is one for sale via Waiting for Godot Books in Massachusetts.

    Congrats! A true crowning piece of your royal collection of Plath book!


  2. So far I have uncovered she was a teacher in the early 1900s and left her house to a particular group to fund a women's scholarship.

  3. Neato! Clearly, Sadie had good literary taste, even before the masses.