Friday, 6 May 2011

My Sons are crazy ~ Sylvia Plath t-shirts

I have two Sylvia Plath t-shirts, yes I have t-shirts - oh and a mug too!

One was lovingly made by two beautiful students I taught years ago. They had a fragmented Plath picture on the front and the t-shirt was also filled with quotes from her poems. My youngest son gets to run around in an item of clothing that declares "Daddy, Daddy you bastard I'm through" and 'Dwarf baby. The knife in your back" amongst others that are more pleasant. It is a treasured present.

The other I purchased online and, well, it really does not fit. However, my other son can run around like a loony in it.

For some reason they both had to hold stones whilst we took these photos, perhaps they wanted to reflect Plath's The Stones? Or perhaps they really, really just like to throw them!

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