Sunday, 1 May 2011

More, more, more, Sylvia Plath - '60 The Colossus

Oh The Colossus, such a sturdy, pretty book.

I jump ahead and out of sequence but it needs to come out and play, the wait for this one was long (seemingly). It also has an interesting story as its previous owner was an annotater, said to be a woman from the Calder Valley where Hughes grew up and appears to know Plath and Hughes. 'She' comments on a personal reading of Mushrooms and on meeting Hughes and his daughter Frieda for coffee. The book also has an annotated obituary for Plath taped in the front. I am currently trying to unravel this one's past life...


  1. You want to know what I wonder? Ok, I'll tell you...I wonder if Plath's The Colossus is listed as a title on the back covers of other Heinemann books.

    I'll leave you alone now!

  2. Now you are going to have me scouring the backs of books!

  3. I might actually be close to getting a name!